Longtime indoor soil plants


Choose the system inlays (1) according to the diameter of the planter. Place the service tube (2) in the inlay and adjust the planter height by turning. Put the water level indicator (3) in the service tube. Close the service tube with the lid. The smallest system inlay (Art. 27003) is already assembled.


Cover the system inlay with at least 3-5 cm Luwasa Longtime substrate. Free the root bale from loose, non-rooted soil. Then place the soil plant centred and fill the planter up to the rim with Luwasa Longtime substrate. Slightly shake the planter to prevent the formation of voids in the substrate.


For new plants the entire surface of the Luwasa Longtime substrate shall be watered, until the water level indicator moves. Wait a moment. Water over the entire surface until the water level indicator is at its optimum. Refilling: Only when the water level is at its minimum position and the required dry period of at least one week has been adhered to. We recommend the use of Luwasa Moistick®/Bloomer for ideal watering control.


Fertilising is now very simple with the proven Luwasa Longtime fertiliser. (Art. 27051) Simply fix the fertiliser fleece bag with the rubber ring at the water level indicator and place it in the service tube. Only renew after 12 months! Alternatively we recommend the liquid fertiliser Luwasa indoor plant fertiliser. (Observe fertilising instructions on the packaging)


It is the best to use soft inlays (1) as well as polystyrene (2) for stable support in vases for indoor use. The remaining empty space can be filled with expanded clay or additional polystyrene sheets.

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