Longtime outdoor soil plants

Water drainage

For outdoor use only planters with bottom hole are suitable. (If necessary drill holes on your own). Cover the hole with a fleece (1) to prevent the Longtime substrate from leaking. Place the outdoor bowl (2) on the fleece and position the respective system inlay (3) in the outdoor bowl.


Cover the system inlay or the outdoor bowl with at least 3-5cm Luwasa Longtime substrate. Free the root bale from loose, non-rooted soil. Then place the soil plant centred and fill the planter up to the rim with Longtime substrate. Slightly shake the planter to prevent the formation of voids in the substrate. Watering and fertilising is identical with the indoor variant.


The assembly of a high vase for outdoor use differs only due to the use of polystyrene (1) to fill the empty space. Once again the outdoor bowl and a leakage protection on the bottom (fleece) are used.


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