Nutrient solution

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The nutrient solution is made from tap water and a commercially available complete nutrition, which has been especially developed for hydroponics.

Such preparations contain all main and trace elements in a form, which can be easily absorbed by plants. Many soil-bound cultivation fertilisers are unsuitable for hydroponics - even if they are defined as so-called complete fertilisers. Their content of trace nutrients is not adjusted for the use in hydroponics. However suitable hydroponics fertilisers can also be used in soil-bound cultivations with great success. Due to the uncontrollable pollution it is not recommended to prepare the nutrient solution with rainwater. Hydroponics complete nutrition is nowadays mainly offered in two types: as liquid concentrate and with longtime effect on the basis of ion exchange resin* (open or in nutrient fleece bags). * ions are electrically positively or negatively charged particles, in which salts break down when dissolved in water.

Our tip: Although the longtime complete nutrition is a great product, the use of liquid complete nutrition proved its efficiency in particular in large planters since more than thirty years and is still the cheapest method for nourishing plants. For small planters we use the practical fleece bags, as their advantages more than compensate the slightly higher price. Small planters have to be refilled more often compared to large planters and furthermore the dosage of small quantities is much more difficult than the preparation of larger quantities of nutrient solution.

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