Temperature and humidity requirements

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Most of the hydroponic plants we cultivate indoors are tropical foliage plants. Their demand for heat is similar to that of humans, i.e. approximately 18 to 25 degrees Celsius. These plants also stand a higher temperature of up to approximately 30 degrees Celsius, but react then again usually very sensitive, as soon as temperatures go below 16 degrees Celsius. Then root rot and shedding of leaves occur.

It is important that all tropical plants love a "warm foot". Due to this it has to be considered for cold floors, that between the nutrient solution and the floor no thermal bridge occurs. This is prevented by placing the planters on rollers (our vision series), bases or simply on squared timber. If the plant receptacles are embedded in the floor, they need to be insulated with polystyrene sheets in the depression. If hydroponic plants are desired in unheated rooms this is principally possible. In this case special plants suitable for cooler locations are chosen.

Attention: In winter the plants should not be placed directly at the window while they are opened and it should be assured that the rooms are not getting too cold.
Air humidity: Tropical indoor plants often suffer from too dry air during the heating period. This often leads to brown leave tips and makes the plants vulnerable for pests. The red spider and thrips spread particularly quickly in dry indoor air. As also humans are suffering from dry air it is recommended to use an artificial room humidifier for a relative humidity of up to 30 to 50 percent.

With the innovative planted wall pictures which are available nowadays the indoor climate also be easily influenced. Also in this respect we can recommend our affiliated company Luwasa greenstyling, as it already gathered positive experiences in this respect. Click here for the website:www.greenstyling.ch

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