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We demand the following requirements from a substrate:

We demand the following requirements from a substrate:
- Decaying resistance (no organic components)
- Suitable structure (with grits and cavities, which are adjusted to the roots
- Structural stability
- Chemical indifference (towards the nutrient solution)
- Capillarity (porous surface)
- Weight (not too light and not too heavy)
- Thermal insulation and accumulation capacity
- Pleasant colour

Expanded clay, also known as "leca" (= light expanded clay aggregate) is used as heat insulating additional substance for lightweight concrete since the early sixties. The starting product, raw clay from suitable sources, is burned in a rotary kiln at temperatures of 1200 degrees Celsius and expanded to a multiple of its initial size. Thanks to this manufacturing process the pores in the inside of the expanded clay aggregates absorb hardly any moisture; the moisture is concentrated mainly in the capillary outer shell. Not all expanded clay types are suitable for hydroponics. Only with expanded clay, which is regularly controlled, the quality can also be assured in the long run. The expanded clay needs to assure that it is low in salt enough, reacts with water slightly sour and that it offers the right structural and capillary characteristics. Our expanded clay is thus RAL certified and especially suitable for use in hydroponics.

Longtime substrate extinguishes due to its cleanliness, is visually appealing, is great for general plant growth and ideal for a water supply perfectly aligned to the requirements of plants. The mineral Longtime substrate replaces conventional potting soil and offers some additional values. The root area is perfectly ventilated and the watering intervals are lowered to comfortable 4 to 8 weeks. The ultimate plant care is accomplished with the successful trio LT substrate, the system inlay and the digital Moistick®/Bloomer. Enjoy the beauty of always perfectly cared, healthy plants - without efforts!

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