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Light is of decisive importance for cultivating indoor plants.

Thanks to the perfect conditions concerning light, water and nutrients often light is the factor, which is not sufficiently available for a hydroponic plant and thus limiting the growth or even hindering it.

Furthermore hydroponic plants are also often seen as objects of furniture and placed not basing on their requirements but according to design ideas. Although many rooms have two windows the plant lover wants to decorate an empty corner with his green protégé. But the corners between two windows are often the darkest spots in a room. An important role play reflecting room walls in white, light grey or light beige.

If you want to know which plants would perfectly fit for you, our affiliated company Luwasa greenstyling AG can offer you advise and support. Basing on the light requirements they know exactly which plants would perfectly fit to your desired location to grow optimally there. Click here for the

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