Switching from soil-bound cultivation to Longtime substrate

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The combination of different high-quality components results in a plant-friendly system that is easy to care for.

It extinguishes by its low weight, a good water retention and a high air voids and buffer volume. The LT substrate is not degenerating and turning to swamp.

The switch from soil-bound cultivation to Longtime substrate is in fact very easy.
But there are still some key points to keep in mind to prepare your plant correctly for the new surroundings.

The soil shall be removed from the root bale as much as possible, without damaging the roots.
It should not be too cold for the plant - the ambient temperature and the water temperature shall be lukewarm as for watering. Otherwise there is the risk that the plant will have a shock.
As soon as the old soil is removed from the root bale and the dead and rotten roots have been removed, the plant is ready for the next step.

The planting with Longtime substrate is described in our flyer "LT tip".

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